Gerogian Wall Panel - Tall height

Bespoke Georgian Panelling

Traditionally used in a gentleman’s study or a fine drawing room, full height panelling is comprised of proportions which have been carefully calculated using classical methods. This type of panelling requires precision and its success is built upon achieving proportion, balance and symmetry. As such, the full height kits require a survey.

Made to order

This panelling style requires a survey as the panels are made to suit your space and can be portrait, landscape or a combination of the two.

Plate shelf option available for additional £169/2400mm length.

Price: £565.00 per linear metre


Georgian Sketch

Georgian Panelling

Capping Rails

Moulded and Plain Capping Rails


Bevelled, Torus and Victorian Skirting
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We offer a service where by bespoke panelling can be designed to your specification in any of the styles here as well as a Georgian style based upon wall panelling in a National Trust property in Spitalfields.

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